Mancave Millionaires

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Collecting is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get. It ain't a copy of the Declaration of Independence hidden behind a painting, but when Kirk from Wisconsin made a sentimental purchase at the local mall, he had no idea the treasure someone left inside it! VERY cool story and thanks for sharing, Kirk! Have a similar tale to tell? Send us your videos!

Nick from Delaware is a bit of a risk-taker.  He buys stuff based on his own ability to photo match and validate finds without Certificates of Authenticity or Authentication.  Most of the time it works out but he's been burned once or twice. What's in YOUR collection? Send us what you got!

Rob from Texas needs to seek help! But I'm pretty sure I would keep a special place for a birthday present from a major leaguer, too.  Do you have anything cool in YOUR collection? Send us a video!

This mom and son team take a minute to show off their collection of game-used stuff.  Take a bow, mom and thanks for infecting your child with the collectors' fever! Wanna be on ManCave Millionaires? Send us a video!

Jeff from PA has definitely put in the work on this piece! Probably not another one like it in the world but is it priceless or worthless? You might find out in an upcoming episode of ManCave Millionaires!  What's in YOUR collection? Send us a video!

Mike from Norwood, MA wants to know if we can authenticate and appraise this Ralph Kiner card from the 1950's from the Dominican Republic.  What's it worth?  You might find out in an upcoming episode of ManCave Millionaires!  What's in YOUR collection? Send us a video!

Rex from Virginia has a very unique collection that combines his two passions: Vending Machines and Sports cards. I gotta get me one of THESE! Whadda ya think?

Ryan from Ohio has gained possession of a NY City Subway sign featuring Mickey Mantle. It is said to be one of only 6 ever created and we have reason to believe that it may be the only one left in existence. What would you give to have THIS hanging In your ManCave? 

When Rebecca visited her childhood home in Buffalo NY, she discovered that Phil had turned it into a Buffalo Sports museum most of us would be jealous of.

Cleveland representing yet again. Our friend, Ryan has amassed some interesting items throughout his life and he was gracious enough to share them with us in this video submission. GO BULLDOGS!!

When Frankie from The Bronx reached out to us, none of us knew what treasures lay beneath!  Aside from an impressive sports collection, when we visited, we found a mountain of thousands of vintage comics, a vinyl record collection and countless rare coins. Do you know someone who has their own secret treasure?

Mike from Missouri has got a collection that would be the envy of ANY mancave. From game-worn uniforms to items from some of the most prolific sports stadiums in America. This guy has put some WORK in!