NEW YORK, January 29, 2019—FIO Entertainment announced today that is has entered into a definitive agreement to develop and produce 'Mancave Millionaires', an exciting new sports memorabilia show that offers everyday amateur collectors the chance to potentially cash in on the treasures that may already lie dormant in their basements, garages, attics and yes, mancaves. 

While specific details of the show remain undisclosed, FIO Entertainment CEO, Tony Fiorino made no secrets about his personal enthusiasm for the project. "Brandon (Steiner) helped invent the multi-billion-dollar sports collectibles market and is considered the world's foremost authority in the field. But what most folks don't know is how smart and astute a business mind he has," Fiorino hinted in terms of various unique aspects of the show. He continued, "This show highlights the most exciting aspects of collecting and brings it to the masses in a revolutionary and compelling format that promises to grab beginner and professional collectors alike."

"Tony (Fiorino) and I have discussed the impact a show like this can have for quite some time," explained Steiner. "We needed  the time to be right and that time is now."

“We are thrilled to have Brandon join us for this amazing show," added RJ Bucaria, president of FIO.  "From the very first discussion we had around the concept of doing a hidden treasures sports memorabilia style show, his name was not only at the top of our list, it was the only name on it.”

About FIO Entertainment:
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